The V International Masterclass of Bandoneon will take place on 30th, 31st May and 1st June in Iglesias in the beautiful context of Teatro Electra. The guest of this fifth edition will be the Argentine Master Juan José Mosalini. You can register on two different levels: basic and advanced.

During these three days, the participants at the basic level, will have the opportunity to take part in collective lessons through bandoneon ensembles that will face a repertoire mainly of traditional tango, aimed at learning the rules and executive characteristics of the genre. It will study the "fraseo", the various types of "marcato", the "arrastre" and will also address some technical aspects for obtaining the best known sounds of the bandoneon in tango.

The advanced level will instead be based on at least two individual and personalized lessons in which a repertoire chosen by the student will be dealt with in both the technical, stylistic and musical aspects.

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