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The Italian Bandoneόn Academy, born from the need to provide a univocal, established method aimed at learning to play the instrument, stands as the only institute in Italy allowing to fill the wide gap in the academic system of the Italian conservatories.

The school establishment, therefore, has got the target to overcome self-taught approaches, which have been prevailing so far, while contributing to enhance the interest and focus towards this musical instrument.

The personalities who inspired this initiative and played a decisive role in implementing it are essentially three: the Maestro Yvonne Hahn, Maestro Juanjo Mosalini and Maestro Victor Hugo Villena. The highest representatives of the European bandoneón school, they can boast a concert and teaching activity of great prestige.  Moreover, as supporters of this project, such figures will take part in the level certification exams as members of the commission.

HAHN, Yvonne

A multifarious musician, she has been a bandoneón teacher since 2014 at CRR du Grand Avignon. Her class is attended by more than 20 students. In 2017 she organized the 1st edition od the "European Days od Bandoenon".



Son of Juan José Mosalini – founder of the European Bandoneón School – he is considered one of the chief contemporary bandoneonists, standing as a key character on the musical scene of Argentina and Europe.


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