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The Italian Bandoneόn Academy represents a real cultural network that, by virtue of a sharing and affiliation principle, connects different organisations (either existing or future ones) committed in the promotion, development and study of the bandoneόn, by receiving new stimuli and creating synergies.

The Academy benefits from the sponsorship of the chief bandoneόn professionals and teachers on the international scene: Juan Josè MosaliniJuanjo Mosalini, Victor Villena, Yvonne Hahn, to mention but a few.

Indeed, it is thanks to their cooperation that this project has been developed. Its target is the foundation of a European Bandoneόn School, whose mission is to ensure a uniformity of approach and teaching to those who wish to study this instrument.

Quite often, indeed, the introduction to bandoneόn is heavily influenced by either self-taught methods and/or accordion school echoes, which fail to meet the requirements of this rather complex instrument, whose specific technique is too frequently ignored.


Therefore, the Academy offers training aimed at the proper approach to the bandoneόn, its technique and its specific repertoire. It is open to students of any background level, allowing them to obtain a certification of skills acquired, subject to passing the mandatory exams.

Study programmes are the same as those adopted in the main European conservatories (Paris-Genevilleurs and Avignon), whose educational modular systems allow students to achieve different preparation levels. Moreover, they provide students with the proper tools to tackle studies on the bandoneόn technique and master more complex repertoires as well. Indeed, the study plan subdivision into multiple skill classes allows an accurate selection of the target preparation level, from beginner to advanced, up to professional.


Certification exams are going to be evaluated by a panel of experts, including the above-mentioned honorary members. The presence of unquestionable professionals of J. Mosalini and V. Villena’s stature and of teachers such as Y. Hahn gives the Italian Bandoneόn Academy status and authority like no other institution of this kind.  


The Italian Bandoneόn Academy also provides training to teachers wishing to join the network, in particular those whose teaching methods may differ from the standard ones adopted by the institute. Indeed, the Academy adopts the European Bandoneόn School univocal and distinguished criteria, to be shared and transmitted to any teacher working on the behalf of the authority. Therefore, any teacher wishing to adhere to the Academy is expected to attend recurrent training courses focused on the upgrading of skills, as well as refresher training. Certainly, such need is not aimed at discriminating would-be teachers’ worth and background, its sole target being to ensure a standard approach to the adopted teaching methods, as a distinctive mark to identify the school membership.

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