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Obiettivi formativi generali


General training targets


1st LEVEL (beginner)


  • Basic introduction to the instrument and its main components


  • Setting the correct playing position of the body and of the instrument (sitting and standing position)


  • Setting up the correct sound emission and accuracy


  • Playing position and early fundamentals of technique


  • Introduction to proper reading in the two keys, focusing on pitches, rhythm and expressive articulation


  • Development of a proper independence and coordination, also applied to easy polyphonic pieces


  • Introduction to the study of major scales


  • Performance of easy pieces from the most well-known methods for bandoneόn




2nd LEVEL (intermediate)


  • Technique development, with special reference to performance speed and practice of major and minor scales

  • Mastering bellows technique and control (sitting and standing position)


  • Development of polyphonic practice


  • Phrasing and sound quality accuracy


  • Sight-reading skills and approach to memorisation techniques



3rd LEVEL (advanced)


  • Advanced technique, with special regard to speed specific techniques and bellows control techniques (introducing standing position)


  • Polyphonic practice development: study of chorals


  • In-depth studies on the technical and manufacturing features of the bandoneόn


  • Repertoire buildup, studying relatively complex pieces, with special emphasis on style and interpretation features


  • In-depth studies on tango culture, with special reference to the performing techniques and typical orchestras’ styles


  • Consolidation and tailor-made memorisation techniques  


  • Development of sight-reading skills 


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