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Bandonion & Concertinafabrik 


The factory, operating in the town of Klingenthal, makes and reconditions the finest bandoneóns and concertinas. The Bandonionfabrik, faithful to the tradition of the Arnold dynasty – Paul and Alfred brothers’, who founded the leading German bandoneón factory in the early 1900s – has been manufacturing the legendary models AA (Alfred Arnold) since then.

At present, the production is focused on the development and improvement of instruments through accurate trials, in order to test the acoustic, material and mechanical key indicators, in collaboration with the Institute for music instrument manufacturing in Zwota.

Among the avant-garde ideas is an outstanding project for the construction of a bandoneón of reduced size, designed to encourage even the youngest learners – i.e. aged from 8 to 12 – to start learning to play this instrument. 

Conservatorio di Cagliari
"Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina"

Founded in 1922 as 'Istituto Musicale Cagliaritano’ and hosted in the historic location of the ancient Town Hall, the Conservatory of Cagliari was named after Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina in 1939.

In 1971 it relocated to the present building in Piazza Porrino (via Bacaredda).

Today, it is recognised as one among the most modern and efficient institutes providing High Training in  Music in Italy.

An unquestioned pioneer in Italy, it is also the only national conservatory to open the gates to the Bandoneón. Indeed, a free course focused on this instrument was set up in 2014. Held by the Maestro Fabio Furia, this innovating project was conceived with the aim of giving life to an academic study of the bandoneón and establishing a specific school, with a technique and methodology of its own, in line with the French guidelines outlined by the Maestro Juan Josè Mosalini. The key target was to discourage any merely amateurish or self-taught – sometimes even ‘misleading’ – approach to bandoneón. 

Conservatorio di Avignone
CCR du Grand Avignon

The CCR (Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional de Musique, Danse et Théâtre) du Grand Avignon, named after Olivier Messiaen since 1984, is one of the world-class institutes in the art teaching of the region. Hosted in the 18th-century Palace of Justice, the Conservatory can boast ancient origins as well, dating back to 1856, when a ‘Municipal School of Instrumental Music’ was established.

At present, three disciplines are taught in this art institute: Music, Dance and Theatre.

Among the music courses available, the bandoneón course directed by Prof. Yvonne Hahn is the second one officially recognized in France, after the historic, prestigious course of the Conservatoire de Paris Genevilleurs, founded by the great Maestro Juan José Mosalini. The course offered by the Conservatoire Du Grand Avignon has got the largest number of students in Europe. 

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