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The Italian Bandoneόn Academy was born in 2017, in the wake of an increasing cultural excitement observed around this instrument in the latest years, either on the national and the European scene.  


Back from an oblivion that had been keeping it in the dark for almost 50 years, thanks to Astor Piazzolla’s  figure, among others, the rising interest for the bandoneόn has been allowing an increasingly high number of cultural institutions and organisms to act, for various purposes, as the promoters and ambassadors for this instrument and for the renewed musical taste it features, contributing to its development and dissemination all over Europe.

In such context, an increasingly vibrant attention towards the bandoneόn has been paid by institutions providing musical training all over the Old Continent. At present, on the European stage,  the number of Conservatories, Academies and musical education institutes introducing this discipline among the subjects taught is still on the rise. The most prestigious schools are the Conservatoire de Paris-Genevilleurs and the Conservatoire Du Grand Avignon (France), St. Catherine Brussels (Belgium), Rotterdam University of Arts (Holland) and the Norwegian State Academy of Music (Norges Musikkhøgskole, Norway).

With regard to the Italian scene, the Conservatory of Music ‘G.P. da Palestrina’ of Cagliari was the first in Italy to put forward the accreditation of the bandoneόn at a public music school – a guiding light of a reform project paving the way for a new era.

In order to fill this void in national public academic institutes that a strong need was felt to establish a private institution, which may stand as a reference point in Italy in the teaching domain of bandoneόn studies.

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